Alessandro Fogar
Past performances, installations and events
 5th january 2016 Nami, GrobiArt, Grotte di San Giovanni d'Antro, Pulfero (Ud)
 4th may Palazzo Ducale, Genova, music for the action painting performance of Cinzia Fiaschi with Chiara Macinai, voice
 6th may 2016 Namazu released on Soundcloud
 9th may Palazzo Reale, Genova, music for the performance of CriEco
 3-12 june Udine, 21.00.12 live sound installation for the sound art exhibition 'Il suono in mostra' 
Upcoming performances, installations and events
 14th march 2017 - SCREEN COMPOSITIONS 13 - Curated by Katherine Liberovskaya
 New York - Video by Paola Pisani with music by Alessandro Fogar