"Nami (ナミ)" for live electronics is a performance for a complex adaptive system using as an input feedback sound only.
Nami means 'wave' in Japanese.
As the waves of the sea, near the coast, reflect on it and generate diffractions between them, thus determining new and different ones, in Nami, sound objects originating exclusively from feedback transform and change into something different by combining with each other.
The interaction with the system takes place via a midi mixer with which the performer controls the system.
The behavior is emerging, the system is partially unstable but controlled by the live performer.
Many control parameters are governed by a trochoidal wave, a cyclic mathematical curve that mimics the motion of sea waves.
The work uses a complex adaptive system in an eco-systemic configuration.
The audience inevitably perturbs the system's microphone-loudspeaker connection and self-modulation, emphasising the emergent/instable nature of the work.
Nami live in San Giovanni dell'Antro caves - Pulfero (Ud) - 5th of january 2016
Nami, during 2020/2021 has been completely rewritten using new tecniques and broadening the spectral results.
The system is thus ready for new performances.
 Nami excerpt (summer 2020)
Many thanks to Agostino Di Scipio for opening my eyes on these beautiful adaptive systems and teaching me his way...