Ab sofort

«Ab sofort treten folgende zeitweilige Übergangsregelungen
für Reisende und ständige Ausreisen aus der DDR...

Günter Schabowski
'Ab sofort' is a study on the musicality of surfaces, in this case a section of the Berlin wall, seen as a score for a sort of electro-acoustic 'orchestra'.
It has been composed by Alessandro Fogar in the 31th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.
The title is taken from a reply that an official of the DDR Socialist Unity Party Günter Schabowski told at a press conference. The misunderstood answer led to the fall of the Berlin wall.
The reading / interpretation process of the score takes place in real time using a Python script written with the assistance of Elio Corbolante, the sonification has been developed with Supercollider.
Like a memory of the places, sound originates from the wall, and does not impose a message of its own, a narration, but derives strictly from the traces left by time on its surface and becomes part of the same environment enriching it and not overpowering it.
The public is invited to listen abandoning themselves to the suggestions originating from the Berlin wall that will be 'interpreted', imagining old memories and traces left by time and men in their drift and their transformation into sound.
The recordings used as a source for the digital sound processing are taken mainly from scratched and beaten stones, a strings quartet, shortwave radios, a female choir and ambience noises. You can also hear a very transformed sample of a well known german pop song of the 80's.